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Zwekabin Valley Resort and Spa

Zwekabin Resort and Spa - Myanmar

” Mountain range turns grey to gold Nature changes at time to time “ “ Heaven is here “

I remembered when I came to Hpa An for the first time. I was thrilled with the hotel site and the beautiful scene of the cliff that changes its color in a day. Walking through rubber trees plantation was fascinated with a silhouette mood by rays of sunlight that shines through rubber leaves. Dynamic pattern of shade and shadows reflected on ground, Tranquility is founded.

Hope to depict mood I feel, this resort design was made to capture the mood of myself journey from a cool shade area under trees looking to a dark mountain before ending at the other side. Looking up from the path I passed, made me WOW with the gigantic golden cliff of Zwekabin mountain.

“ Nature had me at the first sight…………..will you “

Peeti Sastrawaha, Hpa An , 2017


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